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Wall Street, Miami, Our Baby is Born: Swarm Fund Newsletter

Welcome to your Swarm Fund Newsletter!
Hi everyone, we missed you!
Our whole team was in travel mode last week in New York and Miami. To make up for missing last week’s newsletter, we’re throwing in some extra goodies today.
Staying true to his finance roots, CEO Philipp Pieper spent time at Nasdaq headquarters on Wall Street early last week.
In an interview with Jon Najarian from International ICO, Philipp shared his thoughts on market volatility, AI in finance, and empowering investors with access and tools on Swarm. Thank you to our friends at Monaco Growth Forums for making this happen!
Watch the video here:
YouTube: Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper interviewed by Jon Najarian @ Nasdaq
The Swarm team was warmly received at the 6th Annual North American Bitcoin Conference. Our partners of SecureVote, Max and Nathan, joined us from Australia for the event, as did our special ops team from the Czech Republic, Sam and Sasha.
A proud Platinum Sponsor, we made many new friends at our booth from all walks of life - blockchain innovators, crypto users and investors, traditional finance specialists, family office representatives, internet celebrities and as expected, people completely new to blockchain.
Members of our team were interviewed by various media outlets, so we’ll be sharing out across our channels as the content surfaces.
We had live demo up of our platform that users could log into and browse.
Frank gave live talks on the A.I. philosophy and functionality within Swarm.
On the final day of the conference, Swarm’s cofounder Joel Dietz and CEO Philipp Pieper tag-teamed a stellar presentation in the Speaker Hall. Joel and Philipp shared the history of how they met, and the storyline also featured a man from the future, glowing robots on stilts, and fog guns. You know, just typical Miami things.
Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper gave the crowd a preview of the Swarm Platform - the first securities token marketplace! Also, we're not fond of middlemen.
Swarm's head of AI, Frank Taylor, gave a talk on AI on the blockchain, and previewed our AI roadmap.
We go live with our product mvp TOMORROW Monday, January 29th. We will have two funds in which you'll be able to invest your crypto - Distressed Real Estate and Silicon Valley Coin. Available features include:
Up next: Airdrop
We are getting ready to announce an airdrop of SWM tokens to the first people who sign up for a Swarm account. Full details to come, but we wanted to give friends of the project a heads up & yet another reason to visit tomorrow and get started!
Swarm in the News
Cryptocurrency Watch: From Kodak to KFC, From CES to Toronto and Tokyo Brandchannel January 14, 2018
Jon Najarian Interviews Swarm CEO Philipp Pieper (full interview) January 16, 2018 Nasdaq, International ICO
Swarm Fund unveils first two funds AlphaQ January 25, 2018
Swarm Announces Inaugural Funds, Confirms On-Track Product Release Capital Hedge (twitter) January 24, 2018
and coverage on the announcement on many more awesome publications:
All Crypto Life
Coin Wisdom
Alright, see you all on Monday! We are so excited to share our product mvp with you. A whole new chapter begins for blockchain finance.
Your friends at Swarm Fund
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